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Review: Woodsman Beard Company ‘The Woodsman’ Beard Oil

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The Woodsman Beard Company ‘The Woodsman’ Beard Oil scent is exactly as you would imagine, it has a woodsy aroma, however it is actually a bit more complex than just a woody scent.

The Woodsman is their signature scent, it is woodsy but it is also quite deep has a very fresh aroma as well. This is because it is a blend of Pine, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Tea-Tree which gives this woodsy scent a lift. The oils are blended well and the different scents interact well and if you like a woodsy scent, then this will suit.

The base that this scent sits on is made up from a blend of Sweet Almond, Grapeseed and Jojoba carrier oils, each chosen for its benefits to the beard hair and the skin under the beard. Initially this softens the beard hair and gives a very slight hold but half way through the day my beard hair felt dry, that kind of dry you get from oil not from having nothing on the beard. So it needed a refresh mid afternoon!

It is a shame that the oil didn’t keep the beard feeling softer longer as others do, however a quick reapply or a go over with a boars hair brush and you’re all sorted.

Woodsman Beard Company ‘The Woodsman’ Beard Oil is available from their website in two sizes, the 10ml for £4.99 and the 30ml normally for £14.99 but currently at £12.99. The come in a glass bottle with a glass dropper for dispensing which is without doubt the best option.

The Woodsman Beard Company beard oils are also available in the following scents;

Classic Cedarwood – It’s obvious what the scent is!

Lemon & Lime – Again no explanation needed.

Old Patriot – A very cool, clean, and crisp scent, no other clues given!

Sweet Orange – It’s Orange and possibly sweet!

Dubai Sunrise – Infused with Pine and Frankincense essential oils

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