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Review: Woodsman Beard Company ‘Dubai Sunrise’ Beard Oil

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Woodsman Beard Company ‘Dubai Sunrise’ Beard Oil has a medium consistency and is a warm and fresh scented beard oil with a sweet and peppery background.

The warmth is the Frankincense essential oil that could do with being slightly more prominent and the Pine a little less so, the ‘Dubai Sunrise’ Beard Oil isn’t as strongly scented as the balm of the same name though.

Using Dubai Sunrise Beard OIl

As I said the oil has a medium consistency and works easily into the beard hair, this then leaves your beard with a healthy looking sheen. The scent is slightly noticeable and my beard had a slight hold once the oil was thoroughly worked in and also down onto the skin. It is important to get the oil right in there, don’t just quickly rub it into the beard hair, the chosen carrier oils that make up the base are chosen to help the skin under the beard and this is what helps support a good strong growth and helps prevent itchy and dry skin.

The carrier oils used are Almond, Grapeseed and Jojoba and they are very good choices, the oil did need refreshing later in the afternoon though.

The scent is okay, my opinion is that the Pine and the Frankincense need to be balanced, at the moment the pine is just a little too much and slightly over powers the warm and rich Frankincense. However I am a massive fan of Frankincense and so I had hoped it would be more of a frontrunner in this oil.

Woodsman Beard Company ‘Dubai Sunrise’ Beard Oil is available from their website in two sizes, the 10ml for £4.99 and the 30ml normally for £14.99 but currently at £12.99. The come in a glass bottle with a glass dropper for dispensing which is without doubt the best option.

The Woodsman Beard Company beard oils are also available in the following scents;

Classic Cedarwood – It’s obvious what the scent is!

Lemon & Lime – Again no explanation needed.

Old Patriot – A very cool, clean, and crisp scent, no other clues given!

Sweet Orange – It’s Orange and possibly sweet!

The Woodsman – Pine, Cedar wood, Sandal wood, and a hint of tea-tree

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