I have been using Whit & Stubble ‘Minty Fresh Blend’ Beard Oil, the honest truth is that I am struggling to review this oil.

The ‘Minty Fresh Blend’ is a base of just Grapeseed Oil,  now Grapeseed oil absorbs into the beard quickly, does not leave a greasy feeling is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce acne. However what makes a beard oil a good beard oil is the blending of the base oils, finding a blend of different carrier oils that work well together and make the beard feel and look good and also keep the skin under the beard in top condition.

The scent is fresh, it reminds me of the extra strong mints, it is created from Peppermint Oil and Tea tree Oil and it is actually quite a nice scent.

The Whit & Stubble ‘Minty Fresh Blend’ Beard Oil isn’t a bad oil but it does lack thought, a single base oil scented with two essential oils. A good beard oil will often have three or four carrier oils that have been chosen for their benefits and then days or weeks are spent finding the prefect ratio of the oils for best results, some have even had as many as seven carrier oils. This is what the guys pay for, this work is costly in both time and money and is a skill, then on top of this the essential oil blend born from the same process and this experimentation process can be very expensive.

Whit & Stubble

The Whit & Stubble ‘Minty Fresh Blend’ Beard Oil comes in a 10ml open neck bottle and costs £6.95 from website.

The Beard oils are also available as;

  • Cinnawood Blend – Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamon Oil & Cedar wood Oil
  • Gingernut Blend – Virgin Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Ginger Oil & Nutmeg Oil
  • Citrus Blend – Grapeseed Oil, Lemon Oil & Sweet Orange Oil
  • Signature Blend – Grapeseed Oil, Vetiver Oil, Lime Oil & Sandalwood Oil


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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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