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Review: Whit & Stubble ‘Cinnawood’ Blend Beard Oil

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I have been using Whit & Stubble ‘Cinnawood’ Blend Beard Oil, first off I have to mention the brand name, the products are from Whitstable in Kent and I love the clever brand name.

The base for the Whit & Stubble ‘Cinnawood’ Blend Beard Oil is Grapeseed and Sweet Almond carrier oils and the ‘Cinnawood’ scent is created from a blend of Cinnamon and Cedarwood oils. The scent is as you would imagine warm, woodsy with a spicy and unfortunately for me you get the scent of clove which is what cinnamon has and if you regularly read my reviews, you will know that I hate clove. However that is just me and many people like it, most of the pirate scents have it and they are very popular.

The oil itself absorbs well and doesn’t leave the beard looking greasy and leaves it feeling slightly softer, it’s a beard oil that does what you want from a beard oil but I am afraid I have to say, it’s nothing special, but you wouldn’t hate it! The carrier oils will help to prevent the dreaded beard itch that causes many guys who want a beard, to shave.

Whit & Stubble is a fairly new brand, the oil is okay but very basic and some of their oils consist of only one carrier oil. I hope that over time as they learn and become more confident, that they produce some more complex blends of carrier oils and the essential oils. In Fact on the about me page it says ‘Watch this space, coming June 2017 our beard oils and balms will be improving, more blends, more sizes more options’.

Whit & Stubble

The Whit & Stubble ‘Cinnawood’ Blend Beard Oil comes in a 10ml open necked bottle and yep you guessed it, I didn’t check and poured it into my hand….we have all done that and it isn’t the first time. The ‘Cinnawood’ oil is available from the website for £6.95 and the oil is also available as

  • Citrus Blend – Grapeseed Oil, Lemon Oil & Sweet Orange Oil
  • Gingernut Blend – Virgin Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Ginger Oil & Nutmeg Oil
  • Minty Fresh Blend – Grapeseed Oil, Peppermint Oil & Tea Tree Oil
  • Signature Blend – Grapeseed Oil, Vetiver Oil, Lime Oil & Sandalwood Oil

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Whit & Stubble – All About Us

Whit and Stubble is a company that has been inspired by my love of beards and by the beautiful seaside town of Whitstable that I am lucky enough to call home. We hand craft our beard oils using natural oils, so no harsh chemicals. Just healthy looking and feeling beards and skin.

I moved to Whitstable about a year ago, but the idea for beard oils and balms started well before the move. I have always had some sort of facial hair for as long as I can remember. I could never get past the itchy stage though. So naturally I looked into beard oils and tried a few, but they were all quite expensive, so that had me thinking, could I produce a high quality product for a much lower price.

I sat for many hours for nights on end before and after my move to Whitstable, looking at ideas for oils and balms, starting with basic recipes, then developing my own blends. By the start of December 2015 Whit & Stubble was born, starting with three beard oil blends, it soon became five and then our first beard balm as well.

All of our oils and Balms are completely natural ingredients, no chemicals just simple, natural beard care products. With five different blends, there is something for every bearded man.

Watch this space, coming June 2017 our beard oils and balms will be improving, more blends, more sizes more options.


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