I have just finished using the Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm that came as part of the Premium Beardcare Set.

Swagger & Jacks premium beardcare gift box set

I gave my beard a wash using their beard shampoo, gave it a brush and opened up the 50ml balm. Without checking I went to plunge my finger into the balm and ‘BANG’ it’s rock solid..ouch!

Of course balms are going to firm up this time of year but balms do come in varying strengths and this is hard.

I use the end of my metal comb to scoop wax and hard balms, some people use a plectrum and some even use a hair dryer to soften the balm. It is then a case of melting it in your palms and then working the balm right into the beard hair, if you have a big beard, this is going to take some work, get it right in and down onto the skin under the beard as well.

I like the hold that the balm gave, it kept my very messy beard in check and stopped the stray hairs that I get poking out in all directions.

Now what I am happy to see is that Swagger & Jacks Beard Balm is made from natural ingredients except the scent! It contains Coco Butter, Babassu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax and Parfum.

Babassu fruit

Now Babassu Oil is one that is new to me, it is similar to coconut oil that is very popular but it does not clog pores as coconut oil can, it absorbs easily, and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling like coconut oil can.

The scent is a hard one to pin, it is slightly floral and me, my wife and my daughter cannot explain it any better than that. Well except that my daughter says it reminds her of her Nan, I promise that isn’t a bad thing!

Overall this is not bad, yes it takes a little bit of effort to pry from the tin and melt in your palms, but the resulting hold is very nice for those of us who have an unruly beard. The brand is very stylish, the products look very good and so I am pleased to say that the products don’t disappoint.


Swagger & Jacks include a grooming guide that suggests using an oil and then a balm to style your beard.

This will also seal in the oils and I know many guys do this daily.

I usually test the products individually but I did try this once with this balm and their oil and I can see why it’s suggested. My beard felt softer, looked good but had a nice hold keeping it looking tidy!



The 50ml tin of balm with screw top lid costs £15.95 from the Swagger & Jacks website and is also available from Amazon by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button at the top of the review. (On SatonmyButt website)

You can keep up to date with Swagger & Jacks on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Swagger & Jacks

You can also visit the very popular Swagger and Jacks Barbershop

9-10 Orford Hill, Norwich NR1 3QD which can be found using the ‘Trusted Beard Barbers‘ map

Phone: 01603 611000

Opening Times

  • Tues to Wed – 8:45 – 6:00
  • Thurs to Fri – 8:45 – 7:00
  • Saturday – 8.15 – 6.00
  • Sun & Mon – Closed


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