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Review: Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Green Soap Bar

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I received Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Green Soap Bar and I am always pleased to receive soap for review, I have ditched the shower gels as I like using products that are 100% natural.

This 100g bar of soap is solid and I mean really solid and so it feels as though it would last a very long time.


The Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Green Soap Bar has been produced from the workshop of :

The soap has been made without using unnecessary chemicals in the process, and water has much as possible substituted with beneficial goat milk from proximity farming. Charcoal and clay are used to give the soap a natural colour.

I got a nice lather from the soap, and as the name implies, this soap has the same scent as the Beard Polisher that I reviewed, it is scent made up from Vetiver, Cedar and Silver Pine.

The 100g Superfurry ‘Mike’s Pine’ Green Soap Bar costs 5.50€ from the Superfurry website.

WIthout a doubt using a soap that is made from natural ingredients is better for your skin and hair than the commercial gels and shampoo’s that contain god knows what. I only use soaps like this now and would never go back to the modern mass made products. The scent however isn’t for me, personally I prefer a sweeter scent but there are a further five scents available.

  • Lavender 
  • Smoked Earl Grey
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Pure & Natural
  • Coffee Scrub extra +2.50€

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