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Review: Superfurry ‘Cypress Hill’ Mood Spray

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When I received the package of beard care products from Superfurry, there was also a bottle of Superfurry ‘Cypress Hill’ Mood Spray.

To be honest, I was confused…”what the fuck is this?”

Luckily I didn’t attempt to try it on my beard, because it is a room spray. So excuse the details, but I went to the bathroom for a long vistit, shall we say. Normally the resulting aroma doesn’t impress my wife but this time, I sprayed some of the Superfurry ‘Cypress Hill’ Mood Spray and now I understand the name, it improved her mood!

Of course it’s not just a toilet stink remover, it is a very efficient room spray and my daughter loves it.

The scent is fresh and has a slight spicyness to it, the scent of Cypress is very nice and the scent lingers in the room for quite a while.


The 100ml spray costs €7.50 from the Superfurry website and the spray is also available as… and I love the names and descriptions!

1403 – Bergamot/Vetiver

Fucking Fresh – It’s so incredibly fresh, so fresh …. it’s FUCKING fresh

Holy Smoke – Sacred deep and smokey, rough and edgy, sharp smokey fragrance.

Ikebana – Surprisingly sweet and flowery with a deep cheerful background.

Ray of Light – It brighten up your spirit , it will touch your soul effortless

Woodpecker – Got wood ? No ..not in pants..woody ..wooden till end.

Woof – Scruffy butch masculine, be aware don’t feed the Beards!


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