I have been called grumpy once or a thousand times, one thing that winds me up is the charging cables for phones failing by breaking near the port or just being shit! So when Subbytech sent me their CliX Magnetic Cable, I hoped this was the solution!


Subbytech CliX Magnetic Cable review

I chose the 2m cable as I like to be able to pick my phone up and use it when it is on charge and you can guarantee that there won’t be a plug right near me.

Subbytech sell two types of cable, the braided one that I chose and also a Clix Glow in the dark cable that is woven with fibreoptic fibres and the whole lead lights up!

I charge my phone on the bedside table and so a glow in the dark cable, even though it is a cool idea, wouldn’t be right as sleeping with that would likely drive me mad.

In the nylon braided cable that I chose you have the choice of 1 metre costing £9.99 or 2 metre length for £13.99 and they are available in black, red and purple.

You can also purchase Multi Packs;

  • Twin Pack 1m £18.99 & 2m £21.99
  • Triple Pack 1m £25.99 & 2m £28.99
  • Family Pack (4) 1m £29.99 & 2m £34.99

I had previously purchased a magnetic charging cable from Amazon that cost £8.99, and it lasted not even 3 months and I think this is something that happens to a lot of people. Also the cables provided with devices are poor quality despite the devices costing hundreds of pounds.

So there is a need for a decent charging cable for the many devices that we have.

And I think that the Subbytech could be that cable, of course it is early days, but I will keep this post updated.

The woven outer is smooth it appears to be very strong but what I think will keep this cable fresh is the 540 degree rotating swivel head!

In the pack you get your cable and USB C, Micro USB, and iPhone connectors included which covers most up-to-date devices, the only one it doesn’t have for me is what I think is called the USB A.

The magnetic connection is a lot stronger than the magnetic charging cables we have purchased via Amazon and so accidental disconnections even when using the phone whilst charging haven’t happened since using the Subbytech lead.

And as if all of that was not enough, this lead also offers a data connection which previous leads haven’t done.

Yes this lead is £5 dearer than the one I purchased from Amazon, but the difference is very noticeable and whilst we all like a deal, it doesn’t always pay to buy cheap and in the long run you will save money as you won’t be buying again!

As I said, I will keep this review updated and let you know if there are any issues but having given this a good inspection, I can’t see it happening!!!

Go and check out the Subbytech website, I am also getting a powerbank from them to review soon.

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