Fuzz Muzzle 'Sticky Toffee' Beard Balm

Review: Fuzz Muzzle ‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm

Review: Fuzz Muzzle ‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm

Review: Fuzz Muzzle ‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm

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If you want a ‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm then look no further,  Fuzz Muzzle ‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm is exactly what you are looking for!

'Sticky Toffee' Beard Balm

I love my desserts, just one look at me will tell you that and I like hot desserts. It reminds me of when I was a child and every meal was followed by something that I now have to avoid. One of those was Sticky Toffee pudding and a while back my wife bought me one, needless to say that my beard ended up wearing the pudding as well. Apparently this is how this balm began, the Fuzz Muzzle Boss apparently had the same encounter with a Sticky Toffee pudding. It was then that he decided to recreate that scent and he made his first beard product.

From the moment you open the tin the ‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm aroma hits you. A big sweet toffee scent that also has a chocolate aroma sitting in the background and you have to remind yourself not to lick the balm. You certainly have to be a fan of sweet balms because this is 120% sweet and its amazing. No one can accuse Fuzz Muzzle of producing products that don’t smell as described!

The ‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm gave my beard a nice amount of hold and it felt soft, which is always what I want from a beard care product. Made from Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Beeswax, Coco Butter and Shea Butter and then Fuzz Muzzle just put ‘Parfum’ which is code for “we’re not telling you how to recreate this scent” and I don’t blame them!

‘Sticky Toffee’ Beard Balm from Fuzz Muzzle is available by clicking the buy button above or visiting the Fuzz Muzzle Website.

Sticky Toffee Beard care set from Fuzz Muzzle

You can also purchase a ‘Sticky Toffee’ beard care set containing 50ml Beard Balm, 15ml Beard Oil and a 15ml Tash Wax for £26.95

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