No you read that right, Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax not moustache wax! This is the first time I have used a dedicated ‘beard wax’, I have tested moustache wax and also some balms that could be described as a wax because they are so firm.

The Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax is as you would expect, hard and yet it does feel different to a moustache wax.  It has a creamier, more buttery feel to it than moustache wax but it feels the same to use.

I scraped some out of the tin and worked it in my hands, then worked it some more and then worked it into my beard. Of course this is more of a job than it is with balm but I can see why guys would use it, I have a messy beard and it drives me mad, but I rarely go anywhere so it’s not really a problem. The Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax would be a great tool in your beard care arsenal for those occasions when you need to look not only good, but perfect. A meal out, a date, a job interview, you get the idea.

Using Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax takes a little patience, but if you want your beard looking perfect with not a hair out of place, well then this product will do that and it also works well on your tash.

The scent is fresh, warm and woodsy but very subtle.

Am I convinced about Beard Wax? I am not sure, I see the reason why but I would maybe just use a firm balm as this does take a bit of work.

The Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Wax contains Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Jojoba, Peach kernel oil, Cacao, Avocado oil, Palm free vegetable glycerin and Vitamin E.

The 1 oz (30 ml) screw top tin costs £10.97 and is available from their website or from Amazon by clicking the Buy button at the top of the review.

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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