The latest shampoo that I have been using on the beard is Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Shampoo.

As you have probably gathered by the name, Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Shampoo has a woody scent but it also has a slight citrus aroma as well, the scent is very warm, fresh and packs a punch.

I got a lather from the shampoo but it wasn’t a thick and creamy type lather that you sometimes get, of course part of that is the hard Essex water that makes getting a lather harder, but I have had products that do still manage it. I did try a small amount on the first wash and then used more the second time around with slightly better results but not massively.

The Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Shampoo left my beard feeling clean and fresh and so performed its duty. The scent as I said is strong and woodsy and possibly slightly too much but it rinses out easily and leaves your beard ready for some product.


The shampoo is made up from 95% natural ingredients and contains Water, Capryl/caprylyl glucoside, Cocomidopropyl betaine, Glycerine (Veg), Sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate, Hydrolysed wheat protein, Xanthan gum, Citric acid, Phenoxyethanol, Aloe vera Leaf Powder, Organic blackcurrant seed extract, Organic lime extract, Cedarwood essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil and a secret blend of organic essential oils.

It is a shame that Seven Potions didn’t push for 100% Natural ingredients, I am unsure on ingredients that aren’t natural but I presume it increases shelf life? Lather? I don’t know! I know that many of you aren’t as fussy about products being 100% natural and this is a nice shampoo that as Ronseal says, does what it says on the tin or rather the bottle in this case!

Seven Potions logo

Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Shampoo is available in two sizes from the website, 100ml for ¬£10.97 or 250ml for ¬£17.97. They come on a plastic bottle with the eye-catching yellow Seven potions branding with a flip top lid.

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By Zechariah Richardson

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