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Review: Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Balm

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Give me a balm and I am a happy man and Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Balm hasn’t changed my love of balms.

First off the great thing about Seven Potions ‘Woodland Harmony’ Beard Balm is its 2 oz size, a guy with a decent sized beard needs decent sized products and some of the guys I know have very big beards. This balm will keep you going for some time and the price for the 2 oz (just short of 60 ml) is very reasonable.

There are a lot of ‘woodland’ scents out there, that along with the bay scent has to be the most popular but I think calling it ‘Woodland Harmony’ was a good call. Seven Potions tell us that there is Cedar wood and Sandalwood essential oil that make up the scent but they are keeping a further four essential oils a secret. The harmony is a good call because the oils have been blended very well, it’s a gentle yet not too gentle scent that has that typical woodland scent but the scent is also warm and fresh and as you would expect has that woodsy aroma and it’s up there with the best of the ‘Woodland’ scents that I have tried.

Seven Potions Beard Balm


This blend of essential oils is added to a base of Coconut oil, Palm oil, Jojoba wax, Peach kernel oil, Cocoa butter, Avocado butter, Palm free vegetable glycerin and Vitamin E all of which are 100% natural, organic and cruelty free. This has created a balm that is medium to firm and is easy to work with and works into the beard very well, it gave a very nice hold to my beard and a healthy sheen, it didn’t leave it feeling greasy.

I am going to hold my hands up and admit that I was dubious about Seven Potions. Why? The branding, yep that sounds ridiculous but Seven potions has that high street look, it looks like it would fit in on the shelves of the big stores, usually many of those products are made to have a shelf life that will be okay for my grandson to use in twenty years, they contain dubious ingredients. However I am happy to say I was wrong, very wrong, Seven Potions is 100% natural and a good brand.

The 2 oz screw top tin with the bold Seven Potions branding costs £16.97 from their website or from Amazon by clicking the buy button at the start of the review.

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