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I have received some bluetooth headphones  from Savfy and they are quite different to any other headphones that I have seen before.


The headphones are a neckband that at first I wasn’t sure about, however as soon as I put them around my neck, I realised it was a very good idea.


The headphones are packaged very well and come with a lead to charge them via a USB plug or a PC/Laptop and three different sized Ear Bud Rubbers.

The foldable neckband sits very securely and comfortably around your neck, the headphone earbuds pull out on a retractable wire and are stored back in the neckband at the press of a button on either side of the neckband. This design makes them perfect for sports, runners would find them very useful.

The earbuds come with three different sized ear bud rubber covers and sat very securely and comfortably in my ears. The right side of the neck-band has the on/off slider button, volume + – on top and a Multi Function button on the side.


Turning on the headphones you are greeted with a voice saying “Power on” and then the that the battery is either full or Connecting the headphones via bluetooth is very straight forward and the voice tells you that the headphones are pairing and then that they are connected.

When I test headphones I always turn to YouTube, my first test is always the same and its the Pod Racing Scene from Star Wars Episode I, Love this scene and the sounds are perfect to test headphones. I use this fan edit from Film Toaster Official

The Savfy Bluetooth Headset performed amazingly giving a totally immersive viewing experience. This scene has amazing sound effects and the headphones handled it impeccably.

I then turn to a headphone test on YouTube by BassBoostHD, this helps me test the different ranges and especially their ability to handle Bass.

Again the Savfy Bluetooth Headset handled the test very well and the sound is very impressive. The Headset has three different sound settings, the Default is Low Bass Boost and a double-click on the Volume – button changes the setting to normal, High pitch Boost and then back to Low Bass Boost, I personally prefer the normal setting.

During music playback pressing the Multi Function button on the side of the neckband pauses the music and then click again to play. A single click of the Volume +/- buttons changes tracks and a long press adjusts the volume.

Of course the headset is also handles calls to and from your phone, when a call comes in a voice prompt announces the call and pressing the multi function button answers the call and another press ends the call. A long press will reject a call and a double-click will redial the last number. The neck-band also has a vibrate to alert you of incoming calls.


The headphones are currently available from Amazon just click buy at top of review for a reduced price of £21.99 (previously £50.99) and I am very impressed with these headphones, my daughter got her hands on the last pair of headphones and so I now have to make sure my other daughter doesn’t find these ones, because these are keepers.

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