Purpose Beard Balm is a fairly new beard care product and if you frequent Instagram, then you may have noticed the launch campaign where Purpose sent out hundreds of free samples to people who subscribed to their website.

Now I guess this can either be a good idea or a bad idea, if the product is a winner then those guys will be beating down your door wanting more, however if it’s not great then guys who might have bought some, will now steer clear and so Purpose must have been very confident.

Purpose Beard Balm

So a few days ago I opened up the 50ml beard balm after washing my beard, the balm has a firm consistency but not so hard that you can’t get some out. The balm worked into my beard easily and had an intense citrus scent and it did make my beard feel softer.

The balm is made up of Beeswax, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Cocoa Butter and the base is as I said not too bad, in fact it makes your beard feel quite soft, you certainly wouldn’t complain if it was your only product that you had to use.

The scent is where I struggled with Purpose Beard Balm, it is a blend of Cedarwood and Lime and it certainly is fresh, but it may be a little too punchy for me. I have struggled with coming to a decision about Purpose Beard Balm more than any other product before, I have been waving the pot under the nose of anyone that comes within arms length for an opinion. Luckily my daughters boyfriends have beards and my wife and daughters are always helpful with scent opinions.

I think the scent has been over done and it’s a shame, the problem with going for a burst of fresh citrus and woodsy is that get it wrong and it smells like a cleaning product and sorry but that is what is putting me off of Purpose Beard Balm. As I said, I haven’t come to this decision lightly, I have been pestering everyone and the replies are the same. Tame the scent and this product has real potential, maybe even a ‘Purpose’? Couldn’t resist!

Purpose Beard Balm comes in a 50ml (1.7 fl oz) plastic pot with a screw lid and costs £15 from the Purpose website . At this point the Beard balm is the only product available on the website but reading the info, it seems that they are planning a range of skin and hair products.

Taken from Purpose About us page

After searching through dozens of supermarket aisles and never finding what we were looking for, we decided to form a skin and hair care company that provides a service matched by no other. From beard care for men and skin care for both men and women, our products will leave you feeling pampered and indulged. We’ve got our sights set on being the #1 Online Skin Care Line out there, which is why we never settle for just being okay.

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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