Last but not least in the tests for this brand is Brott’s Beard Care’Orange Spice’ Beard Oil.

'Orange Spice' Beard oil

After testing Brott’s ‘Sweet Citrus’ beard oil I was looking forward to using this oil to see how it fared against the ‘Sweet Citrus’ Oil. The short answer is “very well” and Brott’s Beard Care have once again delivered with an excellent oil.

When I write the reviews I have the oil next to me, even though I have used the products for three full days, its very easy to forget exactly what the scent is like. I apply a small amount to my palms and warm the oil and that way I can keep having a smell whilst writing. ‘Orange Spice’ is a perfect balance of the Sweet Orange with Vanilla and the spice is very gentle, most oils might use clove, cinnamon leaf or something similar but Brott’s have used Nutmeg Essential oil for the spicy aroma which can be a sharp spicy and sometimes musky oil but here its blended well and just sits in the background adding an extra subtle layer of spicyness that works beautifully.

You also don’t need to be concerned if you don’t like spicy oils, this beard oil has such a gentle spicyness and like the other products from Kelly Brott, they are just perfect and I am once again blown away by the quality and how it leaves my beard feeling so damn good. ‘Orange Spice’ gave my beard a decent amount of hold and left my beard looking and feeling really good.

‘Orange Spice’ from Brott’s Beard Care comes in a 1 fl. oz (30ml) glass bottle with a pump applicator and contains a base of Grapeseed, Almond, Jojobaand Argan carrier oils with a blend of Vanilla, Nutmeg and Bergamot Orange esssential oils and is available from the website for $18.99 and the oils are also available in

Cinnamon Vanilla , Sweet Tobacco, Sweet Citrus and Unscented.

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