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Review of Woodsman Beard Co Orange & Bergamot Beard Oil

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Review of Woodsman Beard Co Orange & Bergamot Beard Oil.

A citrus scent you say? Oh go on then!

Yes I do love a citrus scented beard product and the Woodsman Beard Co Orange & Bergamot Beard Oil did not disappoint.

A handmade, small batch beard oil made from 100% natural ingredients in the UK by owner and creator Marc Vanderstock and the products are very nice indeed.

The beard oil is easily worked into the beard hair and leaves your beard feeling softer and looking good, an all natural beard oil like this will help to moisturise, protect and will also help to keep the skin under your beard in good condition.

The scent is very nicely done and is fresh and perfectly citrus without being too over the top in strength.

Of course there is one problem!

That is that using a product such as this will leave you more high maintanace than your wife getting ready for a night out, once you have felt how your beard can feel when properly cared for, you wont be able to just leave it as is anymore.

The Woodsman Beard Co Orange & Bergamot Beard Oil is available in 10ml for £4.99 or three for £10 and 30ml for £12.99 from the website.


Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Vitamin E & Grapeseed carrier oils and Sweet Orange & Bergamot essential oils.

Also available as;

Cedar & Lime

Classic Cedarwood

Dubai Sunrise – Pine & Frankincense, complemented by warm undertones of Black Pepper and Mulled Spice

The Mountaineer – Sandalwood and Lemon

The Woodsman – Pine, Cedar wood, Sandal wood, and a hint of Tea-Tree

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