Review of Woodsman Beard Co Dubai Sunrise Beard Oil & Balm that without a doubt get’s the Golden Beard Award.

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

I was sent the range of the Woodsman Beard Co beard oils and balms and so I reviewed the the Orange and Bergamot beard oil and beard balm in full and this review is just talking about the scent.

Like all of the Woodsman Beard Co products the Dubai Sunrise oil and balm are made using only 100% natural ingredients and the beard balm is available as vegan friendly upon request.

I have at this point tested over 350 beard care products and I think it is now getting harder to impress me but that is exactly what this scent has done! It is a beautiful blend of Infused with pine and frankincense essential oils, and complemented by warm undertones of black pepper and mulled spice.

This blend works well, of course that isn’t just down to the ingredients but also down to the skill of the owner and creator Marc.

The oil is a base of Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape-seed oil and Vit E oil and the balm is a base of Shea Butter, Bees wax ( Vegan Option replaces the bee’s wax with Carnauba wax) Jojoba Oil, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and Grape-seed oil.

The balm left my beard feeling softer and gave it a nice hold and you certainly would not be disappointed with this products, the oil left my beard feeling softer and like my most brands the scent was more pronounced in the oil.

I love these small batch all natural products, seriously guys you should only be using these sort of products on your beards and of course make sure they have been safety assessed.

I reviewed this product a year ago and since then they have altered the recipe and that was definetly the right move, improved product and the scent is incredible.

Beard Oil

10ml – £4.99 – Three for £10

30ml – 12.99


Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Vitamin E & Grapeseed

Beard Balm

30ml £9.99


Shea Butter, Bees wax, (Vegan Carnauba wax) Jojoba Oil, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, Grape-seed oil

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