Having previously reviewed the Rose Beard oil, I was sent the Wild Hare UK Brady Beard Oil for review.

I have to mention the branding!

Brady Beard Oil

The branding is fun, it is playful and yes the scents are named after serial killers but, I love it and branding is so important to get right.

The Brady beard oil is a base blend of;

  • Camelia tea oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Castor oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Rosehip oil

And it is a very nice oil, you can just feel how good a beard oil is even when you drop some into your hand.

Take that work it through your beard and yes!

Having Castor Oil in the blend, it is slightly thicker than the usual beard oils, but I wouldn’t call it a thick beard oil, but I like the addition of Castor and the consistency it creates.

It is a really nice beard oil and I like that Wild Hare UK have used some different carrier oils in their blend.

The Brady scent is a blend of;

  • Neroli
  • Spearmint
  • Patchouli
  • Pomegranate

Now I had to look up the scent of Pomegranate, I am a simple man and have never even picked up a pomegranate, let alone done the chefy tap, tap of seeds onto a lunch.

Give me a fish finger sandwich over that any day!

Anyway, it said ‘A fantasy fruity note, sweet and sour, spicy and leathery’, a fantasy fruity note?

What a pompous fruit!

But back to Brady ……. The initial scent is of the Spearmint and I really like spearmint, it is the best mint scent, it just works so much better, and then you get a floral scent coming in after that.

It is fresh, it is a very nice blend, and it works well.

I wouldn’t say it was an ‘oh damn’ scent, but it is very good, and I like the initial spearmint followed by the floral rather than it having been blended where it is all on one level, that takes a lot of practice and time to perfect.

Golden Beard Award

So I give Brady the Golden Beard Award, not the Superior Golden as it didn’t have that ‘oh damn this is amazing’ effect but still nonetheless, a very nice oil indeed!

And that takes me to 641 beard care products reviewed since 2015!

Wild Hare UK reviews

The Brady Beard oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a glass dropper to dispense the oil and costs £10.20 from the Wild Hare UK website

You can keep up to date with Wild Hare UK on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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