Every now and then I get sent a comb along with the products and I recently received the Twisted Moustache Signature Big Wooden Beard Comb along with some of their beard oils.

Review of Twisted Moustache Signature Big Wooden Beard Comb

Twisted Moustache is a new brand and the branding is spot on, the products look good and I was impressed with the look of the comb and the way it was packaged.

This morning I washed the beard and brushed it with my boars hair brush and I then always apply product and comb my beard to style.

Beard Comb

I always use the same comb (yes it needs cleaning), it came from a brand whose oils I wasn’t impressed with but so far it is the best comb I have used and so I stick with it!

Today I picked up the Twisted Moustache Signature Big Wooden Beard Comb, I had just applied a ‘Beard Softening Elixir’ that I am currently testing and that does make my beard feel very soft. This is the easy part, I have brushed my beard so it is fairly tangle free and with applied product.

Review of Twisted Moustache Signature Big Wooden Beard Comb

The Twisted Moustache comb is very thin and immediately it snagged in my beard and it kept snagging again and again, so I picked up my favourite comb and it glided through my beard without a problem!

So why is this happening?

Beard Comb Teeth Beard Comb Teeth

Above are some photos of my favourite wooden comb that is made from Sandalwood. You will see how smooth and yes a bit covered in product the teeth are, the photos are taken using a 50x USB Microscope.

In contrast we have the Twisted Moustache Signature Big Wooden Beard Comb that is very flat, not rounded or sanded properly and has areas where the beard hair will catch.

Now this may also not be down to just the combs, it is down to your hair type and even the water that comes out of your taps!

Some time ago I wrote about ‘Water Quality and Beards‘ and in that post I explained this;

When we look at hair under a microscope you can see that the hair is far from smooth, it’s almost like scales.


When we wash our hair, our beards in hard water these scale like pieces (cuticles} stand up and make our beards feel rough and the beard will actually tangle more and this makes it also harder to rinse out shampoo and soap!

These raised cuticles wil cause the beard hair to tangle.

But of course it is down to the fact that my favourite comb is big, chunky and has smooth rounded teeth that enable the comb to glide through my beard easier than one that has flat teeth and isn’t sanded as well!

The Twisted Moustache Signature Big Wooden Beard Comb is okay through my tash but for my beard I will leave it thank you!

You can buy the Twisted Moustache Signature Big Wooden Beard Comb for £14.95 from their website. This is I also feel a bit steep for this comb, it is thin and just doesn’t feel like it has any quality to it.

I start testing the Twisted Moustache Beard Oils on the 18th September 2018.

You can keep up to date with Twisted Moustache on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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