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Review of Totem E-Liquid from Tablites

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I received three of the Totem E-Liquids from for review.

Review of Totem E-Liquid from Tablites

They are 50ml short fills and each one comes with a free 10ml Nic when purchased from

Adding the 10ml Nic (nicotine) to the E-Liquid then gives you 60ml with 3mg of nic, but what I like is that it is your choice and you can share the E-Liquid with somone when one of you doesn’t want or require that nicotine. My daughter is a smoker (don’t panic she is 26) and she grabbed the Rainbow Candy flavoured one and I had to then try to get it back.

They are all a 70% VG mix and they all produced nice clouds using my XO with an Aspire 2 tank.

The flavours weren’t for me a hit of flavour, but if you allow that vapour to linger in your mouth, then you do get it.

The Strawberry Rhubarb Meringue I have to say was my least favourite, I found the rhubarb to be not to my liking but these are all personal preference.

The Jelly Candy is very much like Jelly Babies and was a nice flavour and the Rainbow Candy is as my daughter described it, like the puffed rice that was coloured and flavoured that she loved when she was younger.

The Totem 50ml short fills from cost £14.99 with the free 10ml nic.

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