We have been using a CBD oil from a brand called Woodies.

They sell a range of CBD oils for vaping but also currently have two flavours of CBD oil available in Peppermint and Lemon and they are available in different strengths and they also sell CBD e-liquids for vaping.

I received the 500mg which costs £24.99 for 10ml and they also come as 1000mg for £44.99 and 2000mg for £89.99 but when I filmed my review the 500mg wasn’t available.

I had previously tested a CBD oil that was extremely pungent and so it was nice to then move on to this oil that has a very nice Lemon flavour. It is like a freshly squeezed lemon but not sharp at all, I really like it.

This is a sublingual oil and so it is just a case of dropping a couple of drops under your tongue and leaving it there for a minute and this is a very popular method of taking CBD!

I have said this before in other reviews but it is worth mentioning again!
CBD has been extremely helpful for me, I had suffered with anxiety for 30 years and since I have been using CBD, I am thinking like I did before it all started and I feel free.

I also have chronic pain and whilst CBD doesn’t take that away, it does help with the arthritis in my hands, it definitely helps me to sleep better and helps me to handle the pain.

The great thing is that CBD doesn’t have any side effects and it is an all natural product!

I was concerned about the packaging though!

Woodies CBD oil

Both the oil bottle and the card tube that it is housed in, contains only a golden hemp leaf and the wording CBD Oil 10ml and that is not right.

These products are required to have labels that comply at time of review, to EU regulations. There should be dosage info and a host of other info that just isn’t there on this product!

All we get here on the product I was sent is that basic info on the bottle and container and this label inside the lid of the card tube.

Now the oil worked for me. I use it for X amount of time to make sure that I don’t have a dip in health as I am constantly using CBD and so I have to make sure that what I do use keeps me at where I am .

But for me, this lack of info on the bottle would make me concerned as I want all that to be present as it should be!

I think it is worth keeping an eye on the brand, they may at a later date add labels to the products and this would make me more confident in using the brand.

Woodies CBD oils

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

2 thought on “Review of the Woodies CBD Oil”
  1. I’m grateful for articles like this that can be viewed at any time and from any location on the internet. With CBD’s rising popularity, these types of articles can assist consumers, particularly those who are new to CBD, in selecting the best products and brands for them.

    – Dan White

  2. Thanks for the excellent review, Mr Zec! Glad you enjoyed the product. We can confirm labels getting finalised for all products and will send you a sample as soon as! Stay well in this crazy time we currently face.

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