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Review of the Whiffy Wax Black Tea & Jasmine Soy Wax Candle

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Whiffy Wax sent me some Wax Melts and the Black Tea & Jasmine candle for review.

I just literally cannot get enough of this scent, it is simply stunning!

It is floral and yet it has an almost spicy and warm layer to it as well and I don’t think I could ever do the scent justice using mere words.

The candles like the Wax Melts are made from high quality soy wax and they scent is not overpowering and produces a lovely level of scent.

Now we all know the famous brand of candles available on the high street and my daughters have had quite a few of those over the years and they cost a small fortune.

Also you cannot beat buying from the small artisnal style brands, they offer a level of customer service that cannot be replicated by the big brands.

The candles are also available as;

  • Black Tea & Jasmine
  • Oriental Noir
  • Pure Cotton
  • Warm Vanilla & Demerara
  • White Lavender

I have the 60ml candle that burns for up to 13 hours and costs £5.00 and there is a 120ml available that burns for up to 25 hours and costs £8.00 from the Whiffy Wax website.

Use code ZEC20 for 20% off at Whiffy Wax (Valid for 1 week from date of review)

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