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I received the Wahl Aqua Blade Wet/Dry Stubble & Beard Trimmer for review, now you hairy lot, don’t start panicking, I am not getting rid of the beard.

But this happened!

Yes I used the Aqua Blade with a #8 guard on which is 1 inch and attacked my beard.

“For a review?” I hear you cry in unison!

No not for a review. I had already decided to take my beard down to a #8 and so I thought why not combine this with a review and so I contacted the team at Wahl and they sent the Aqua Blade for review.

The Aqua blade can be used wet or dry and so you can even use it in the shower and that means that it is easy to keep the blade clean by rinsing it under a tap, however don’t forget to oil it like all clippers!

A Lithium Ion battery gives 180 minutes use from a one hour charge and a quick 5 minute charge will give you 15 minutes use. You can’t overcharge it and so it can be kept plugged in when not in use.

The Aqua Blade provides a closer (60% closer) trim than standard clippers.

It comes with 12 guide combs providing cutting lengths from 0.2 – 25 mm, a small (very small) comb a cleaning brush, oil and a bag with two separate compartments to keep the Aqua Blade & accessories in.

And they made really light work of trimming my beard, I had expected it to be quite a chore but it wasn’t.

The comb guides, I used the #8 mount well and don’t slip off when using it like some cheap clippers can and overall I was very impressed with their performance.

I shall also be using it without any guides on to do the sides and back of my head and they will serve me well.

At the end of the day when we think or talk about clippers, Wahl is the first name that pops into most peoples heads. They are good quality clippers that are used by the pros and so it is an obvious choice

Purchase this item

The Wahl Aqua Blade Wet/Dry Stubble & Beard Trimmer costs £89.99 with Prime same day delivery from Amazon.

These clippers continue to impress me and have been the best clippers I have ever owned.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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