I have been sent the Product X Beard Lotion for review purposes from Superfurry!


What I love about the Superfurry brand is that the owner and creator Ivan always thinks outside the box. The amazing beard polisher and many of his scent blends are very different.

So when Ivan announced his ‘Product X’ I was intrigued!

Ivan first announced it in a video on Facebook and demonstrated using it, in his first video he applied a few pumps of Product X into his hand and added some of his oil for scent as Product X is unscented and then he worked it in and scrunched his beard to leave a natural and full looking beard.

Bit fear not, Ivan says that with the use of a comb or brush, Product X is just as good for straight beards.

Superfurry Product X

So I was happy when the post … person? Knocked and handed me a box that had a Superfurry label on it and opened it to see a bottle of Product X!

It is a lotion, like a cream, well it is a cream and it is PH Neutral.

A neutral lotion ideal for all kinds of straight,wavy,or even curly beards. created trough combining two existing care products, and then stripping them down to the bare essential ingredients. Creating a lush thick lotion that can easy be combined with all the Beard Polisher or Beard oils from the SUPERFURRY, to add the fragrance you like for the day.


I dispensed a few pumps of Product X and added the amazing Superfurry Furrydandy Cherry Porn beard oil for scent and worked it into my beard and decided to forgo the comb and attempt the natural look.

It is very easy to work in and dampens the beard and left my beard feeling very tangle free and when it dried, my beard felt nice and soft and I was happy with the result.

However for me, a few hours in and I felt like my beard was dry and by the end of the day it felt as if my beard was crying out for some oil to nourish it.

Now clearly this does work, I know that if Ivan didn’t have great results, he wouldn’t have released it but for me it is a no, the dry feeling has been grating on this old boy.


The 250ml Product X Beard Lotion costs 16.50€ which is £14.21 at today’s exchange rate and you have the option to add an oil to your order on the same page on the Superfurry Website.

You can keep up to date with Superfurry on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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