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Superior Product

I love the beard polisher from Superfurry for a few reasons!

Of course it is because of the way the product leaves my beard feeling so damn soft and looking really good, but also because this is a product that is different from anything else in the beard care market!

Ivan the owner of Superfurry calls it an oil in a jar but it is more than that.

What we have here is a product that sits in between beard oil and beard balm/butter and its pure genius!

I love a balm, I make no secret of that and we all like different products for different reasons but this will appeal to all.

If you like beard oil, well you will love this but if you want an oil with a slight hold, well you will love it even more. If you like balm but also like the way oil leaves your beard and so use both, again it’s beard polisher!!!

Here’s why!

It is a blend of Safflower Oil, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil & Castor Oil and the result is as I said something very different.

I admit that when I first used the beard polisher a couple of years ago, I opened the jar and thought “oh no, this is going to be horrible”. It looks greasy and I was worried but what we have is an oil that is very slightly solid.

So very quickly after scooping it, you have an oil in your hands and it works in quickly, doesn’t leave your beard feeling greasy but soft and of course because of the wax and butter, it then gives a slight hold!

The Pervert Pepper scent or ‘Poivre Noir‘ as it used to be called, is as are all of Ivan’s scents, beautifully blended.

It is a blend of Black Pepper, Atlas Cedar, Himalayan Cedar & Chamomile and the result is a warm and woodsy scent and I don’t normally like the woodsy scents, it takes something special like this to win me over!

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If that wasn’t enough, well the Superfurry Pervert Pepper beard polisher comes in a whopping 150ml glass jar with screw lid and costs 25€ from the website.

You can keep up to date with Superfurry on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

By Zechariah Richardson

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