I have been using the Superfurry Patchoulism Stache Wax 2.0.

if someone was to ask me to recommend one moustache wax, it would have to be the Stache Wax 2.0!

It is firm, but it is sticky and it does exactly what you want from a tash wax.

This one as the name implies is a Patchouli scent and since reviewing beard care I have grown to love this scent. It was when I was younger associated with the people that were clinging on to their hippy 60’s life.

I scored this a 98 out of 100, it is a very nice scent but hasn’t made me go “oh wow”.

Superfurry are one of my seven ‘Golden Beard Award’ brands, which means that they have the award as a brand and this is because Ivan the owner and creator of Superfurry consistently produces top quality beard care products and is a brand that you just have to try!


The 28gr tin of Superfurry Stache Wax Patchoulism Stache Wax 2.0 costs €12.50 from the website.

The Stache Wax 2.0 is also available as;

Mike’s Pine – Pine, Ceder & Vetiver

Arctic Freeze – Eucalyptus, Camphor, Niaouli, Peppermint, Rosemary & Teatree

Earl Grey – Bergamot & vetiver

Caffè Mocha – As it says, a Caffè Mocha scent

Fresh Formula – Italian Bergamot in harmony with Peppermint

Heliotropex – A powder soft, sweet and sultry fragrance

Spunky Mandarin – Mediterranean Mandarin, Black Pepper and a small dash of Rosemary

Sterling 925 – Made for the white and silver and Salt and pepper Mustache Patchouli, Vetiver & Cedar

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