I have spoken many times about how amazing the scents from Ivan are and the Superfurry Heliotropex Beard Dew is a prime example!

Having previously reviewed the Sin & Tonic Beard Dew, I knew what to expect from the oil itself.

It is a blend of;

  • Safflower Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Castor Seed Oil

And it is a lightweight beard oil, which for me is not what I would personally choose as I like a heavy beard oil but nonetheless it is a very nice blend.

I have said before in reviews that you can feel the quality of a beard oil in your hand before working it into your beard, and this feels good and knowing Ivan, he would not scrimp on the quality of his carrier oils.

The scent …

Oh the scent!

Heliotropex gets its scent from the Heliotrope plant, and it is sublime!

It is sweet and powdery, a strong vanilla, almond/cherry floral scent and is actually very hard to describe, but it is a burst of scent and I love it!

And this is not a fragrance oil, this is the real flower essence used in this oil.

This scent is said to soothe nerves it is calming and used as an aid in controlling anxiety!

So even though I personally prefer the thicker Furrydandy beard oils from Superfurry, I would happily wear this oil just for the scent alone and I will be doing that when I have no products to be reviewed.

Golden Beard Award

And so I give it the old Golden Beard based on the scent alone as there is nothing wrong with the oil, I just personally like a thicker oil.

Superfurry review

The Heliotropex Beard Dew comes in a 50ml bottle and costs €19.90 from the Superfurry Website.

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By Zechariah Richardson

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