I have been sent the Superfurry Furrydandy 3 Oaks Beard Oil for review purposes.

Having used and loved the Furrydandy oils previously, this was just going to be about scent.


Superior Product

The Furrydandy oils are a blend of just two carrier oils, Safflower Oil & Castor Oil and it is a lovely blend.

It’s a nice thick oil and I do love a thick beard oil, it left my beard feeling softer, gave it a healthy sheen and because it has a thicker consistency, it gives a slight hold. The oil blend just feels so good, as soon as you dispense some into your hand you can feel it’s a good beard oil.

Owner of Superfurry Ivan says that the 3 Oaks scent is based on the all time classic barber fragrance, Fougere and Fougere Bleue.

If I was asked for one word to describe it, I would say “amazing”

The Furrydandy scents are high grade professional, perfume oils mixed it with all natural essential oils and Ivan is a master at scent blending.

It took me a while to be able to get the different scents that I was picking up and I hope that I can do this scent justice! I can pick up Citrus, slight warmth spice, a scent that is very like cola bottles and it is very slighty cologne like.

Or more simply put “bloody incredible”!

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of the Superfurry brand, that is because Ivan produces high quality products, he thinks outside of the box with products like the Beard Polisher and he produces perfectly blended scents that are often again very different.


The FURRYDANDY 3 Oaks beard oil from Superfurry comes in a 50ml plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and costs 15€ from their website.

You can keep up to date with Superfurry on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

By Zechariah Richardson

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