I received this flashlight a while ago but I wanted to give it a good test and in particular the button.

This torch is a very nicely made piece of kit, you can see and feel that it isn’t cheaply made!

Streamlight is an American based brand and is well known for its high quality torches/flashlights.

Now when I received the Protac 1L-1AA I looked at the reviews for it on Amazon and was shocked to see it only had 2.5 stars. This is because there are only 6 ratings for it and I think that somehow counterfeit lights have been received.

I wanted to address this first as it has not been my experience with this torch!

One customer said this!

A mistake I made buying this – over priced and low quality build and finish. Tail cap switch switches on with slightest touch or knock and coating is not very well done. This flashlight does not feel like quality. It feels like cheaply-made junk. Tail switch feels awful and feels like it will wear very quickly. Resembles Wolfeye flashlights I purchased and gave away. First and last Streamlight I will buy.

What I see here in front of me is a very well built and well machined torch, it is made from 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminium with a black anodized finish and all the machining is clean and well finished with a good even coating that has no blemishes or missed patches.

So I far from agree with this negative reviews and can only conclude that somehow counterfeits were sold at some point?

I have given the button on the end as much grief as I can, the button click feels good, you can tell a good button by the feel and it has a very positive click and resistance.

The button operates the Protac 1L-1AA with either a slight press or a click which keeps it on, also the button works as a ‘Ten Tap’ programmable button with 3 different programmes.

Slightly press the button without clicking on twice and you cycle through high/strobe/low or press the button nine times quickly and on the tenth press hold it down and it changes programmes

  • High/Strobe/Low (factory default)
  • High only
  • Low/High

The Protac 1L-1AA comes in a blister pack with a holster and 1 x CR123 and 1 x AA alkaline battery and this was my concern as the CR123 batteries are quite a bit dearer than AA batteries.

However after taking the flashlight out at night and using both batteries, I then realised that using the AA battery option is perfectly okay for everyday use.

Here are some specs when using the various batteries

  • CR123 – High 1 hr 30 min – Low 14 hrs – Strobe 3 hrs
  • AA Alkaline – High 1 hr 20 mins – Low 7 hrs 30 mins – Strobe 3.5 hrs
  • AA Lithium – High 4 hrs 15 mins – Low 14 hrs – Strobe 8 hrs.
  • CR123 – 160m beam distance, 350 lumens on High – 53m beam distance, 40 lumens output on Low
  • AA Alkaline or Lithium – 105m beam distance, 150 lumens on High – 53m beam distance, 40 lumens on Low.

It measures 10.8 x 2cm and weighs in at a mere 136g.

The Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA is available from Amazon costing £46.82 but delivery is from USA and so delivery is not quick. The registered resellers of the Streamlight in the UK do not show this model on their website.

The UK suppliers of Streamlight are

Safequip Ltd
Unit 4, Block B
Dumyat Business Park
Bond Street
FK10 2PB
TEL: 01259 727835
FAX: 01259 727825


North Yorkshire
TEL: 44-01423-780-810
FAX: 44-01423-781-500

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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