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Review of the Spinner Masturbator from Tenga UK

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We have been sent a few male sex toys for review but without a doubt, this is by far the best so far!

I was sent the No 1 Spinner Masturbator from Tenga UK, there are three models that vary with the types of stimulation patterns inside and also with
Firmness, Stimulation & Diameter.

Tenga Spinner

But what makes this product so unique is the internal coil in the Spinner.

By holding the top of the Spinner, the internal coil makes it rotate round as you push down or thrust into it and oh wow is that a different sensation!

We obviously look at the products from a disability point of view as well and there are many times when I can’t physically have sex because of pain and or fatigue.

So when this happened, my wife said we should try the spinner.

For me until this point I haven’t had a product that I have been happy to use or happy to be used on me when I can’t physically have sex, but I have to say that this was the most amazing sensation and I highly recommend the Tenga Spinners!

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