I have been sent the Sabi Pill Holster for review purposes from designed2enable

I am not saying I take a lot of meds, but I fell out of my wheelchair last week and the neighbours heard the rattle!

So taking meds can be frustrating if you are opening boxes and popping the blister packs every four hours throughout the day. So many people use a meds sorter so that they only have to do this once a week or in the case of some, once a month!

Sabi Pill holder

The Sabi pill holder is not capable of handling a lot of meds as it only has one large and one small compartment and another hidden in the lid, but it is definitely a better design than the ones I use regularly.

I think where the Sabi pill holster is useful is if you are working or out for the day. You have taken your morning meds and will be home for the evening and so you just need a secure container for your meds during the day or you take meds as and when needed.

It certainly beats pulling a box of medication out of your bag!

My regular meds holders open too easily and so I have an elastic band around the container I am using that day.

Sabi Pill Holster

The Sabi pill holster is kept very firmly shut and will not accidently open in your pocket or bag and it has a nice pen like clip so it will be held in place on a pocket or tab.

I have a backpack secured to the back of my wheelchair and so the Sabi Pill Holster would secure to one of the Molle clips on that and would be easy to find.

Sabi Pill Holster

So whilst it won’t handle the whole days meds, well for me anyway, it is very handy if you don’t take that many or you just want a secure meds holder for use during the day.

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Also priced at £6.50 from designed2enable it won’t break the bank

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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