I was sent a beard care kit from Rugged Nature containing the Sandalwood beard oil, a Lemongrass balm, wooden comb and a pair of small trimming scissors.

It is a blend of Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan Oil & Jojoba Oil and is very clear in colour and a medium consistency.

What can I say?

It is an okay beard oil, it left my beard feeling somewhat softer but not that great and I am trying to put my finger on what is not right here!

Beard Kit

Look what we have here is a 50ml oil that can be purchased for £10.99 or as part of a beard kit for £15, now that is amazing and for people on a budget this oil is okay but pales in comparison to many of the other oils I have used.

Now you may be wondering why, after all it contains three natural carrier oils that many other oils I have loved contain.

Like everything, there is a great difference in quality, just as you can buy a bottle of wine for £2.99 and another for hundreds of pounds.

It is about the quality of the raw material from which the oil is extracted, the method of extraction and refining of the oil and you could have two oils from the same plant and yet feel, see and smell a vast difference.

The scent is Sandalwood but again, compare this scent to a quality Sandalwood and you may likely think they are different scents and this is a weak example of this essential oil.

Now if your budget is normally the beard oil from high street brands like ‘The Great British Grooming Company‘, well then you will notice a massive increase in quality and feel on your beard.

This is far better than the products that contain man made and nasty ingredients that shouldn’t be put on your beard!

The 50ml Sandalwood beard oil from Rugged Nature costs £10.99 from Amazon.

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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