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Review of the Royal Beard Club Bay Rum Beard Oil

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I have been sent the Royal Beard Club Bay Rum scented beard oil for review purposes.

The Bay Rum scented beard oil from Royal Beard Club is a soon to be released scent.

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the Bay Rum scents, they tend to have the Clove notes that put me off and so I rarely enjoy them.

However this I like, it doesn’t have that clove scent and has a cologne like scent that is very nice. It is the one of the best Bay Rum scented products that I have used so far.

I don’t have the list of oils that make up the scent yet but when the product is available on the website I will update this post.

The base for the Royal Beard Club beard oils is a blend of Argan Oil, JoJoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Sweet Almond Oil and has a consistency that is slightly over medium and a very nice blend.

It did leave my beard feeling softer and looking good, I wouldn’t say it was up there with the best that I have tried but its not far off and you certainly would not be disappointed with it.

It ticks all of the boxes, it is natural and organic and handmade and that is what I always recommend.

Royal Beard Club

The Royal Beard Club beard oils cost $9.99 for ½ oz or $15.97 for 1 oz from the website.

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