We have been blown away by this product, the Pulse III Duo from Hot Octopuss is not your average sex toy, it is in our opinion nothing short of amazing!

Pulse III Duo from Hot Octopuss

So why are we so impressed with the Pulse III Duo?

We have been posting a series of blogs on disability & sex, I (zec) am disabled and we know that disability can’t really impact or even end your sex life!
I am fortunate that I don’t have any damage to my spinal cord or any erictle problems, but if I did the Pulse III would mean that my sex life would not be over.

Also it would mean that a young person with a spinal cord injury who wanted to start a family, wouldn’t need medical help to gather sperm!


Well don’t worry, I was aswell.

Pulse 3

The World’s first Guybrator™ with patented PulsePlate Technology™

PULSE is a multi-award winning male simulator (or guybrator) that uses oscillations to stimulate the penis. The PulsePlate provides unique stimulation without the need for stroking, allowing the user to cum hands-free.

Yes it is true and whilst I didn’t doubt the claims, I was confused as to how this could be possible, how could you cum with a flaccid penis and even with a Spinal Cord Injury?

So there was only one thing for it and so I put my dick in the Pulse III whilst placid and long pressed the button on the left hand side. It starts fast and then slows and so I had to get back into it as I jumped so much it fell out!

Within a minute I had the sensation that I was going to cum!

The PulsePlate stimulates the area under your helmet and this can make you involuntarily ejaculate and it is a sensation that isn’t like the usual sensation. In fact after my head was a bit spinny, it was a strong sensation and I have to say it was both odd and amazing, us men are used to as you don’t need any stroking action!

Pulse 3 Duo

This is the Pulse III Duo, it has a button on the left to turn it on and cycle through the six vibration patterns and the speeds are controlled via the buttons on the right. There is a round button remote for her that cycles through three speeds for you partner. This doesn’t offer the ability to have penetrative sex but you can both enjoy an orgasm together.

Of course this isn’t just for guys with a Spinal Cord Injury, it is beneficial for people with erectile problems because of Prostate surgery, health problems, age and we think this is the most amazing product.

The Pulse III Solo costs £99 and the Duo is £119 from the Hot Octopuss website.

And that is a very small price to pay, it means that a couple where the mane has erectile problems, well they could still try to start a family without having to involve the doctors, that alone is priceless. But also just to be intimate with your partner and ejeculate is something that so many people long for and that can be one of the main issues that they worry about!

Amazing product, just bloody amazing!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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