Wireless or Bluetooth earphones have really taken off in the past few years and you can pick up various makes from under a tenner to literally thousands of £’s!

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But we know that if you buy a pair that cost less than £10, that we will get exactly what we pay for and yet very few of us are willing or able to pay hundreds of £’s.

So when I received the Proze TWS-03 wireless earphones that are currently priced at £64.95 with free Amazon Prime Same Day Delivery, I was very interested to see how they would perform as they are still low priced for quality wireless earphones.

Review of the Proze TWS-03 True Wireless Earphones

In the box you get the earphones, the case, USB lead, three sets of gel ear buds in Small, medium and large and also the interchangeable fins, sports hooks.

The case holds and charges the earphones and two white LED lights on the front of the case indicate which earphone is currently charging.

There was no issues with the charging of the earphones as they fit in very snugly.

I was sent the white earphones and I found that the LED lights also shone through the white case instead of just through the pin holes which is a shame but only aesthetics and isn’t going to affect the earphones.

I would have just liked them to only show through the holes and I expect that is the case with the black earphones.

On the left hand side of the case is the power indicator and a press of the button shows how much power the case has left via a series of 4 lights.

The sports hooks are stored underneath the case.

On the rear of the case covered by a waterproof cover is the On/Off switch and two USB ports.

The case also doubles up as a power bank and contains 2000 mAh of power enabling you to also charge your devices whilst out and about. I think that is a great addition and very handy!

The case can charge the earphones up to 10 times giving 60 hours of music and calls.

The Bluetooth 5.0 Proze TWS-03 Wireless Headphones are powered by XL 10mm graphene enhanced dynamic drivers giving amazing sound and up to 6 hours of use between charges.

5 EQ MODES: double tap the right Bass Booster, Treble Booster, Vocal Booster, Balanced and Enhanced Sound

The earphones can be used individually or as a pair and they have a touch control surface.

When you remove the earphones from the case they automatically switch on and when putting them away they switch off.

Connecting them to your device is straightforward and they show up on your Bluetooth settings as LE-702.

Both earphones can be used to accept and reject calls and also operate the voice assistant (Siri, Google, Alexa compatible) on your device.

However the right and left earphones operate differently;

  • 1.Power On (Auto) Take out the earbuds from the charging case
  • Power On (Manual) Touch the Touch control surface for 3 seconds
  • 2.Power Off (Auto) Place the earbuds into the charging case
  • Power Off (Manual) Touch and hold
  • 3.Answer a call Tap the Touch control surface when a call is ringing
  • 4.Hang up Tap the Touch control surface during a call
  • 5.Reject calls Touch the Touch control surface until call rejected
  • 6.Play/pause music Tap the Touch control surface (left earbud)
  • 7.Next Double-tap the Touch control surface (left earbud)
  • 8.Previous Triple-tap the Touch control surface (left earbud)
  • 9.Activate voice assistant Touch the Touch control surface for 1 second then release (When paired with a device)
  • 10.Change EQ Double-tap the Touch control surface (right earbud)

I personally find that this is too complicated, each earphone performs a different function via touch input with a different amount of touches and it just confuses the use of them.

When I test earphones/headphones I turn to YouTube as well as listening to music, I always watch the Star Wars Episode 1 Pod Racing scenes as the sound is incredible and I have watched it so many times that I can judge the quality of earphones whilst watching it.

I also use the above test that talks you through the different tests and the Proze TWS-03 earphones performed exceptionally well.

Whilst wearing the Proze TWS-03 listening to music on high, the people around me were unable to hear the music and I think that is important, there is nothing worse than being stuck next to someone on a journey and having to listen to the sound escaping from their earphones!

I was very impressed with the quality of the Proze TWS-03 wireless earphones and they are priced very reasonably.

The white colour is a little too bright for my liking but that is personal taste and they are also available in Black and Chrome Grey.

I could not fault the earphones except for the issue with the LED lights lighting up large areas of the case and would happily recommend them!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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