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The Pixel WM-10 from fotoweltUK via Amazon comes in a case that is housed in a card sleeve and at first glance it is well presented.

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The case however isn’t a great quality and the metal of the latch is sharp and the handle mounts move and twist about, but it does the job of keeping the equipment safe in the foam cut-outs and will protect your kit.

Inside the case you get;

  • 2x Transmitter
  • 1x Dual channel receiver
  • 2x Receiving antenna
  • 1x Audio cable
  • 1x 3.5mm to XLR conversion cable Hand Mic
  • 2x Lavalier microphone
  • 1x Hot shoe mount connector of receiver
  • 1x User manual

The manual you get is not in depth and doesn’t explain some of the settings and so if you are new to this type of system it will mean spending sometime trying to figure out what is what, but it isn’t rocket science and 20 minutes spent playing and you will be good to go.

The Pixel WM-10 is a two Transmitter system with a receiver that is able to handle the audio input from both transmitters.

It is sold as a 100 Channels; but there are actually 50 channels you can select on Receiver and the Transmitters, this is because on each channel the transmitters A and B use a different frequency. So on Ch 1 A transmits on 538.500 and B on 566.125 and yet both are received via the receiver on Ch1 and so that is how it is 100 channels.

The Transmitters and Receiver are metal bodied and so the quality in looks and feel is good.

Pixel WM-10

Each unit takes 2 x AA batteries in the slide out battery compartment and I like that because I for one always forget to charge equipment and so this is handy for me.

Pixel WM-10

They also have a Micro USB slot on the opposite side to the battery compartment and so can be run from a 5 volt source such as a power bank or even via a USB plug.

The receiver has two router style antenna and has 3,5mm audio out and headphone sockets. So the camera operator can monitor the audio whilst filming.

On the side is a Mix or stereo setting for the audio output.

Pixel WM-10

Pressing the ‘SET’ buttons takes you into being able to change the volume for the headphones and also the Audio out and then into changing through the 50 Channels.

When the transmitters are switched on it shows in the upper left corner and tells you if it is A or B or both and on the left is level indicator for both transmitters.

Pixel WM-10

The transmitters have a ‘Low Cut’ slide switch on the side that will help to cut out environmental and wind noise and when on an indicator on the LCD screen will show you it is on.

Pixel WM-10

A long press of the power button turns on the transmitter and a short press mutes that unit and pressing the ‘set’ button then enable you to use the + – buttons to change channels.

When I set up the Pixel WM-10 I had to make some changes in settings on my DSLR that I use to film the reviews. I use a plugged in Lav mic that is powered by a coin battery and the Mic setting on the DSLR is on AUto and I get a nice sound.

When I plugged in the Pixel WM-10 the audio in indicator was up in the red the whole time. I tried changing the audio out level on the receiver but wasn’t happy with the quality and so set the mic settings on my camera from Auto to manual. 12 is the highest and I had to take it right down to 4.

The audio isn’t as good as I get from my plugged in Lav Mic and so I tried unplugging the provided Lav Mics and using mine in the WM-10 and got a better quality of sound and so it may be worth upgrading the lav mics.

The sound is acceptable but in comparison I wasn’t happy but the transmitters and receivers work well. It states that it is good up to 100 metres but really these are good out to about 50m where interference starts to become an issue.

This could be down to location and other radio waves in the area and so you would have to test it in the location you were filming in and use the channels to get the best reception.

The Pixel WM-10 works on 538 – 594mhz and in the UK that isn’t a free to use range and so you would have to contact OFCOM about obtaining a license to use them.

So a nice bit of kit that serves well as an entry level wireless mic system and upgrading the lav mics will result in better quality of sound.

The Pixel WM-10 UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System costs £219.99 from fotoweltUK via Amazon and includes free Prime delivery.

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