I have been sent the Eco Cleaning Solution for review purposes from Koh!


A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook when this ad appeared and instead of scrolling past, I ended up clicking on it and watching the video!

Review of the Koh Eco Cleaning Solution

I thought to myself that if this really is as good as they claim, it would perfect for my spoonie friends. These are people who are disabled and or have a chronic health condition. Cleaning can often get ignored if you feel like crap or just don’t have the energy and so this could be the product that helps!

So I contacted the brand and they sent me through their Home Starter Bundle.

However after hearing the claims of so many cleaning products over the years, I was ready to call bullshit!

So I did what we all do when a new product is delivered, I started playing straight away and headed straight for the cupboard doors above and next to the hob. They have that film of grease that won’t budge and we have tried the supermarket offerings that claims to get rid of anything.

In this bundle that costs £19.98 you get 4 litres of the Universal Cleaner, 1 Atomiser, 4 Microfibre Cloths and 4 Diamond Sponges.

It worked, it actually worked!

So we then tried it on the oven and I am ashamed of how bad our oven is. We usually buy the ‘Oven Pride’ stuff every few months and it does a good job but it is nasty, you don’t want to be breathing that in or getting it on your skin.

We sprayed some Koh on the base of the oven and left it a few minutes and you could see it breaking down the baked on grease.

I didn’t want to use one of the new cloths and so I used a sponge and it cleaned the bottom of our oven without any problem at all.

Another way I wanted to test it was on our Tefal Air Fryer, we cook chips in it and it has a perspex lid. So many times we put it away meaning to clean it another time and so grease built up on the lid and again the Koh removed the grease!

So What I am saying is that this product really does what they claim and it will help cut down on time spent cleaning and remove grime from where we didn’t have the time previously.

All of that and it can be used on so many surfaces from glass, to floors and ovens to your cars interior!

Go and check them out at uk.koh.com

Their Mission

Our mission, is to help eliminate the use of toxic chemicals used in cleaning products.

Koh® is a next-generation universal eco cleaning solution employing the science of green ionic chemistry.

Formulated by Dr Leigh Aldous, Kings College London
Independently eco certified by GECA 
Certified for Sensitive Skin by Allergy UK 
Independently lab tested by AMS Laboratories (Australia)
Independently audited by BSI (British Standards Institute)
Audited by BSI (Cruelty Free International)

Koh® radically simplifies traditional cleaning methodologies and process through a highly effective yet sustainable “clean anywhere, clean everywhere” approach.



This is our go-to cleaning product, it works out cheaper in the long run and is really an amazing product. We have used it on hard floors, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, the car interior.

Fantastic product!

You can keep up to date with Koh on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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