I have been sent the Pulse Solo Essential for review purposes from Hot Octopuss!

The team at Hot Octopuss have been busy and have created a new range of the Pulse Guybrators and I have been sent the Pulse Solo Essential to test.

It uses the same patented PulsePlate Technology™ as the Pulse III Duo that I reviewed with Donna about a year ago!

But with the Solo Essential it is designed as the name implies to be used solo and it is smaller than the Duo.

However as I always say, don’t let the size fool you!

This smaller and cheaper model of the Pulse still packs the same punch and brings the same amazing results that I can guarantee are like nothing you will have experienced before.

PulsePlate Technology™

This is down to that PulsePlate Technology™ that sits under your penis on the area right under your helmet and even flacid this instantly produces a sensation that will blow your mind.

It does feel odd to not need to stroke with the Pulse Solo to be able to achieve orgasm but you can do this by using some lube or taking advantage of the fact that it is waterproof and taking it into the bath or shower!

On the left is the power button that activates the PulsePlate Technology™ and then further presses cycle you through the 5 vibration modes and on the right are the + & – buttons that take you through the 9 speeds and these buttons have a built in LED so they can be found in the dark.

As I said it is waterproof and using the supplied lead that plugs into the base, 3 hours of charge will give you an hour of play!

And because of the wrap around design, you can turn it on, find your favourite settings and go hands free.

Start your engines

Get your pulse racing, no hands necessary! Whether used flaccid or erect, PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL is one of the most powerfully versatile sex toys designed for male masturbation and anyone with a penis.


So yes an amazing sex toy but this will also enable guys who have erectile dysfunction or a spinal cord injury to achieve orgasm.

That is what amazes me, it is just incredible and I am so impressed that Hot Octopuss have taken the time and the money to produce sex toys that enables people who may have lost the ability to orgasm and that is massive!

Also priced at £89 the Pulse Solo Essential is £30 cheaper than the Pulse III Duo and it is the entry level Pulse in the new range and step up from the ESSENTIAL is the PULSE SOLO LUX which combines versatility with sheer power. Go hands-free with the clever wrist-strap remote, and push power to the limits when you unleash the LUX’s dedicated Turbo button!

Hot Octopuss are a brand that are pushing the boundaries, they are working hard to make everyone feel empowered when it comes to sex and sexual pleasure no mater what their gender, age, weight or physical abilities and they have just launched their #ShowStigmaTheFinger campaign and you can read more >HERE<

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Check out the full range of Hot Octopuss sex toys at www.hotoctopuss.com

You can also keep up to date with Hot Octopuss on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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