Body worn cameras are something that we associate with our Police, Paramedics, Armed Forces and those working in the security sector.

But more and more people are using them for personal use.

The main personal use was for sports, to film things like mountain biking, sky diving, skateboarding etc but now I have heard of more and more people wearing them daily because of safety concerns and this is particularly true within the disabled community.

There are a lot of cameras available from the very cheap to the models costing £700 +.

The D5 Mini body worn camera from guardiang1.co.uk is priced at £199.99 on Amazon with free next day delivery with Prime and it is a serious piece of kit!

GuardianG1 D5 Mini Body Worn Camera

Weighing in at 147g with and measuring H-77mm, W-30mm, L-55mm, the D5 is a lot less obvious than some.

But do not let its size fool you as it is full HD at 1440p @30FPS & a 30MP camera with an ultra wide 160 degree angle lens, infrared night vision and GPS

It has 64gb of built in storage and selecting the H.265 doubles the recording capacity and gives True HD.

The D5 has built in Powerful lithium battery and the latest power saving software that makes it last up to 14.40 hours on one charge.It takes 4 hours to fully charge and has a standby time of 24 hours (D5 has the longest battery life on the market at the moment)

Average life on H.265 Format

  • 1440p – 9.30 Hours
  • 1296p – 10 Hours
  • 1080p – 12.40 Hours
  • 720p – 13.30 Hours
  • 480p – 14.40 Hours

Infrared night affects battery life as would GPS

D5 Mini body worn camera accessories

I was very impressed with the amount of accessories that came with the camera, you get all of the above in the photo and usually with these sorts of things, you would only get one type of mount and the others would likely be extras to purchase but here you get a crocodile clip and body clip mount, and a shoulder and chest harness.

Klickfast Dock and Stud mount

However the Klickfast Dock and Stud mount is extra at £13.99 from Amazon with Free Prime One Day delivery!

The camera has a wide range of features and offers amazing quality of video and photos even at night and the sound recorded is very clear.

I have been massively impressed with it from the minute I opened the box and it is very easy to use which is something that is very important for a body worn camera, you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to operate it when you are wearing it.

Purchase this item

Below is the video review as the camera has so many features it is easier to watch the explanation of what is what and below is a list of the sections so you can skip to the relevant part if you don’t want to watch all of it!

  • Introduction
  • What is in the box? 00:55
  • The D5 Mini Features 02:53
  • Switching on the D5 Mini 04:40
  • The D5 Mini Settings 06:44
  • The D5 Mini Attachments 13:32
  • D5 Mini Video Quality 17:37
  • D5 Mini Size & Weight 19:33
  • So what do I think of the D5 Mini? 20:07

I have now received the G1 body worn camera (8th Jan 20) for review!

I have also reviewed the brands G1 Body Worn Camera

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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