I have been using the Flare Audio Jet earphones for a few years and highly rate them, but just before Christmas I received a pair of their new E-Prototype earphones.

Flare Audio Jet Earphones
Jet Earphones

It is no secret that I highly rate the Flare Audio brand, they have consistently produced products that in my opinion can only receive the highest praise. I use their Isolate earplugs, the Calmer and have been using the Jet earphones pictured above for a few years now!

The E-Prototype is an all new product designed and built by Flare Audio

Hear beyond your ears with USQ: 

USQ technology changes the internal shape of our natural ears so sound quality heard by all users is drastically increased. Our natural internal shell-like ear shape distorts sound by as much as 20% which means that all traditional earphones and headphones have failed to deliver true high definition sound to the listener.

USQ is a ground breaking patent-pending technology that overcomes this hidden issue inside all our ears. The result is levels of sound quality that’s never been heard before along with previously hidden layers of detail.


The housing for the E-Prototype is an advanced 3d printed design that is printed in house, in fact the E-Prototypes are also assembled in house at Flare HQ in Sussex, UK.

They feature a 10 mm driver, gold plated connectors, stress tested cables and are remote music and phone call enabled and because you are buying from Flare Audio, you get a no risk 100 day money-back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.

Flare Audio E-Prototype earphones case

The E-Prototypes come housed in a black card box that has a card sleeve covering it featuring the branding and bumph and inside the box instead of the standard Flare Audio soft or mesh bag to hold your product, you get the round zipped case as in the photo above.

Flare Audio E-Prototype earphones case

The inside of the zipped case has a net pouch to hold the E-Prototype earphones and as you can see from the above photo, I have placed the brown envelope that contains the silicone tips. I will likely use the other side for my Jet 3 earphones after review.

I think some of the hardest things to get across in a review is earphones or headphones, you have to try and verbalise sound quality and we not only hear sound, we feel it emotionally.

I am now 54, yea I know right, I look 30! Anyway, I am 54 and of course with age we lose some of the hearing abilities we had when we were younger and so possibly I am not getting the full experience, the way these earphones feel to me is the difference of watching SD vs HD videos.

There is just that crispness to the sound, the Jet 3 earphones I usually use are fantastic and I would be happy to use them from now and nothing else, but there are just subtle differences that I actually find very hard to explain.

  • Could I say it is like the difference of feeling between a normal condom and the real feel condoms?
  • I could, but I think that would be wrong and totally inappropriate, so let’s pretend that didn’t happen!


I think the best way to describe the E-Prototypes is that it is akin to putting in the Flare Audio Calmer, the difference in sound is subtle and yet noticeable at the same time. It is a cleaner sound and yet if you were to ask me to describe why it is cleaner, I would struggle to put it into words.

If you want to listen to your favourite music and hear it through earphones with the best possible quality, well these are the earphones to do that!

Purchase this item

The Flare Audio E-Prototypes are currently priced at £250 from the Flare Audio website.

You can keep up to date with Flare Audio on social media at

By Zechariah Richardson

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