I suffer from stiff and painful hands and it usually takes a good ten minutes to get my fingers moving in the morning, especially in cold weather.

This is because I spent too many years using crutches and the doctors don’t tell you about the damage that this causes to hands, wrists and shoulders.

I was told via another spoonie that I should get myself some compression gloves and quite a few recommendations were given by different people.

I know that the NHS would have supplied some gloves via the physio but I didn’t want the NHS looking beige and frankly ugly looking gloves. (spoonie snob).

Sometimes for me I find that the very medical looking products make me feel more disabled.

I ended up choosing the gloves that don’t have the rubber/gel like grip on the them as many people reported that these didn’t last very long anyway and I would be mainly wearing them overnight and when blogging.

I bought the DISUPPO compression gloves from Amazon

The price varies depending on the colour you choose, I have chosen grey and they were a very reasonable £7.99 with free next day delivery with Amazon Prime.

I have to admit that I was very unsure if these would make any difference but I had to try something as my hands were getting very stiff and painful.

I went for the XL and was told they should be a snug fit.

They offer a variety of colours from the grey to brown, black, purple, pink and red.

I purchased these gloves in November 2018 but wanted to wait before I reviewed them. As with all fluctuating health conditions it takes quite a while to be able to judge if something is helping or it’s just a good patch.

I have to admit that it was very strange when I first slept whilst wearing the gloves. I used to sleep wearing just boxer shorts but now its my Life Socks, long bottoms, tee shirt and now gloves!

But anyway, enough about my sexy sleeping attire!

I am so glad that I bought these gloves, it has made a massive difference and my hands are so much better since I started wearing them.

They are snug but don’t cause any issues when I am using a keyboard as I am now and I think that by wearing them, I have saved my hands!

The open finger design means are not restricted when using touch devices and they are light despite offering a nice compression and also keep my hands warm in the cold weather.

1 Open Finger Design allow you to touch and grip freely, Perform everyday tasks like using phone, typing, cooking and more without interference. Opening is set at optimal length to provide perfect balance between beneficial compression support and finger / thumb mobility.
2 Mild Compression and Warmth not only help control and decrease swelling of the joints. but also increase oxygen blood flow to the muscles.Minimal stitching to reduce irritation and maximize comfort. 2018 stitching updates make the gloves more durable and long lasting than ever.
45% Cotton, 45% Polyester, 10% Elastane
3 High Quality Fabric: cotton-spandex blend ensure the high breathability and elasticity, and keep your hands always dry. Material: Cotton,Polyester,Spandex.
4 All Day Wear, Lightweight, breathable cotton-spandex material will allow you to wear the gloves comfortably all day long. Temperature regulating – retains heat to soothe hands and knuckles without becoming stuffy.
5 These fingerless compression gloves will support great help for those who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and carpal tunnel syndrome. Whether you are in garden, in office, or doing some other thin
gs, these breathable soft gloves will bulk up your life.

Taken from Amazon UK

If you suffer from arthritis in your hands or carpal tunnel syndrome, then I can highly recommend these gloves.

These compression gloves ahve helped to vastly reduce the stiffness and discomfort in my hands.

I wish I had purchased a pair years ago!


I have had the gloves 8 months and they have proven to be vital addition to my pain armoury.

Today my hands are stinging like mad, they have been driving me mad, but I am wearing the gloves and it cuts down the pain. I wear them overnight when my hands are playing up and it stops me waking up with stiff hands.

They have been worth every penny!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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