As you know I have been taking CBD in some form for the past few years and I have recently received the CBD Gummies from Reakiro.

CBD Gummies from Reakiro

Reakiro are based in Poland and I have previously reviewed their Raw Hemp Extract and Warming Muscle Relief Gel that contains CBD and was absolutely amazing, I highly recommend it!

So first if you have never read one of my CBD posts, I will tell you why I use it and highly recommend it.

Since the late 80’s I have had anxiety issues, in the 90’s it became so bad that it stopped me going anywhere and over the last three decades anxiety has massive impacted not only my life but the knock on effect is that it made life hard for my family.

I had therapy, I had that many times, I have had meds that sort of helped but not really and made me feel rough but nothing properly worked.

Until CBD!

Yes since taking CBD my anxiety levels have dropped right down to barely a problem and I can do things like go in a lift and I don’t even think about it and that is handy as I am a wheelchair user.

It helps with the pain that always is there, but it doesn’t take it away.

It helps with it though and I think it really helps me to cope with the pain better, it puts it further back in my mind up to a certain point and just relaxes me and I sleep so much better now!

The Reakiro CBD Gummies come in a plastic pot that is beautifully presented in a card tube.

In the pot there are 30 of the Gummies that are Apple and Lemon flavoured and contain 10mg of CBD each, meaning the pot contains 300mg of CBD.

The gummies are very soft domes and they are not sugary and in fact they have a bitterness to them that is likely from the CBD but I like that. It is a great way to get your daily dose of CBD and a lot more pleasant than the oil under the tongue that I still haven’t got used to.

The ingredients are;

  • Glucose syrup
  • Thickener (Gelatin)
  • Acidity regulator (Citric acid)
  • Flavourings
  • Colours (chlorophyll copper complexes, curcumin)
  • Preservative (Potassium sorbate)
  • Hemp Extract derived Cannabidiol (CBD),
  • Rapeseed oil.

Now I obviously can’t say that I notice a difference whilst using them, because I am already regularly taking CBD and I am not willing to stop and let it get out my system to then take again for review, but I can say that I didn’t notice that I felt worse.

The pot of thirty 10mg CBD Gummies costs 29.99 Euros from the Reakiro website

Some people in the UK are concerned about receiving products from the EU and Reakiro are in Poland, this is due to the fact that will I or won’t I get import duty on my goods, but I received these Gummies through without any issues at all.

Watch my video review of the CBD Gummies –

You can keep up to date with Reakiro on;

By Zechariah Richardson

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