I like products like this, they haven’t actually been designed to help people who have a disability, but they do!

The Captiosa Smart Key Holder takes the keys hanging on your keyring and keeps them stored neatly, stops them jangling about and as I said can help people who have a disability.

The carbon fibre housing can store up to 28 keys and it comes with a bag of Spacers & Extension Rods to enable you to expand it to hold more

It also comes with a bottle opener and one of those devices we all lose, a sim card slot opener for your phone!

It also comes with a very nice leather and stainless steel carabineer to clip the Key Holder to a belt loop or something like that.

Now it does take a bit of sorting, you unscrew the key holder and then you have to try and figure out how you are going to arrange the keys and it will take some attempts to get right.

The keys need to sit like the blades in one of the multi-blade pen knives and once done it is a really good product!

Now, if you or someone you know has arthritis in their hands or some other problem that causes a problem with grip, you will know what a problem that turning a key in a lock or even getting in the lock can be.

The Captiosa Smart Key Holder offers a better grip and enables you to turn the key in the lock easier.

Yes there are products that help with that but they are as they have to be, bulky but also not very attractive.

So this product not only organises your keys, but it will help people with a weakened grip or painful hands!

I think this would make a great Christmas present and it even comes in a very smart looking black box!!!

Dimensions: 3.54 x 0.94 in / 9 cm x 2.4 cm

Weight: 2.82 oz / 80 g

The Captiosa Smart Key Holder is available from Amazon with free same day Prime delivery!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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