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Review of The Butter Source Mint Beard Butter

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EDIT: I have had a lot of messages over the past year from guys who have had issues with getting their order or having problems and getting no response when contacting the brand! A shame as this was one of my favourite products and I have to urge caution with ordering from this brand!

If you have regularly read my reviews, you will know how much I love The Butter Source beard butter!

In fact out of over 400 beard care products to date that I have tested and reviewed, this product in all its scents remains my favourite product and easily gets the highest score.

Superior Product

Even though it is labelled as a beard butter it is not like many of the beard butters. They are softer than a beard balm but The Butter Source beard butter despite looking light and fluffy, has a denser feel to it and this is what I love about the product.

I have an unruly and wirey beard and if I want my beard to look its best then I use The Butter Source, it gives my beard hold, leaves it feeling softer and I just love this product.

it is made up from a blend of Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed, Avocado, Argan, Coconut & Black Seed Oils and Aloe Vera and the scents are always perfectly done, never too punchy or two sweet.

Basically I can’t recommend this product enough and urge you all to try it!

It comes in a 150gr tin and costs £14.99 from the website.

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