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Review of The British Bearded Baby Pure Beard Balm

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Review of The British Bearded Baby Pure Beard Balm.

I have to admit that I was thrown off by this balm, I don’t read up any info on the products before I use them, I think it can sway me and so I use first and then read the info.

And so I naturally presumed that as it was called ‘Pure’, that it was an unscented beard balm, it is in fact scented with Vanilla and Lemon!

The base from this balm is a blend of Shea butter, Coconut oil, Argan oil and Beeswax and the result is a soft to medium consistency beard balm. It doesn’t take a lot of this balm to leave your beard feeling softer and with a slight hold. I actually quite like the way the Pure beard balm left my beard feeling.

The scent is very nicely done, owner and creator Dan Bridges has resisted the urge to make this scent punchy and over powering as many do with these sweet scents. What we have here is a very subtle and fresh scented balm that is a ‘Pure’ delight!

The British Bearded Baby Pure Beard Balm comes in a 1.6oz (45ml) slide top tin and I really like the slide top tins, they look good and they are easy to pop in a pocket.

The British Bearded Baby

The 1.6oz tin of The British Bearded Baby Pure Beard Balm costs £13.99 from the website.

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