I have been sent the The Blue Tea Box for review purposes!

Last year I was sent The Blue Coffee Box for review, being a tea drinker I was unsure but it blew me away, if I had known coffee could be that good, I would have been hooked years ago!

So when I was contacted and asked if I would like to review The Blue Tea Box, it was an instant yes.

However. I did wonder if I would be as impressed as I was with the coffee?

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I love my tea, but I have to admit that I have not tried a wide range of tea, I am Yorkshire tea bag, one sugar and milk guy and so I couldn’t wait to try some different tea.

connoisseur tea

When you sign up to The Blue Tea Box, you have a few options and that starts with the choice of one bag or three.

Then you choose either one or three types of tea depending on the subscription you chose.

What you get is rare and single-origin loose-leaf teas from across the world, created by the UK’s speciality tea merchants.

This is loose tea and so you will need to user an infuser or pot, but it isn’t like the tea that you are most likely used to. This isn’t a powder like consistency that most of us use that is a blend of multiple types of tea from different regions.

Duchess Earl Grey from Jenier World of Teas

You actually see the leaves of tea and in the tea above, the Duchess Early Grey, it contained Black Tea, Orange Pieces, Cornflower & Rose petals and Lime Leaves!

Now I can assure you that if someone had said to me “would you like a cup of tea that contains Black Tea, Orange Pieces, Cornflower & Rose petals and Lime Leaves?” My likely reply would have ended in NO!

But wow, what an amazing tea and yes I may upset some tea buffs but I had mine with a splash of milk and wow, wow, wow!

After Eat Tea from Twist Teas

The Tea in the above photo is a mint tea and contains Peppermint, Cocoa shells and Coca nibs (what’s a nib?).

It smells as you would guess from the name, like After Eight mints and again oh WOW!

Blue Tea Box
Blue Tea Box

But for me the star of the show was the simplest of the teas which was the Teahouse Breakfast Tea that is from Tea House Emporium. It is Assam black tea and again I added a splash of milk.

When I took a sip, I kind of understood the people that taste test, I got a taste on the back of my tongue but also felt it up into the back of my nose and this is a seriously good tea and I actually prefer this to my goto tea from Yorkshire Tea that is the only tea I will drink!

Why they blend this Assam tea with others is a mystery, because it doesn’t need anything else.

And so!

So my initial query of “would be as impressed as I was with the coffee?”, well the answer to that is a very firm YES!

The Blue Tea Box

The Blue Tea Box subscription costs £6.99 per month for one 75g bag (30 to 60 cups*) or £12.99 per month for three 45g bags (54 to 108 cups*) from www.blueteabox.com

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