We have been used to having sex toys for women for many years, but now the sex toys for men are just as amazing and popular as the ones for the ladies, and we have been sent the Bestvibe Sucking Masturbation Cup for review.

A lot of these products are called masturbation cups and come in a wide range of styles with different functions.

Review of the Bestvibe Sucking Masturbation Cup

This one has three functions, vibration with 9 different modes, a heating option that heats the cup to 42°c and suction that also has various modes or patterns of suction available!

We have had a few different male sex toys in for review but this is the first of this type and the verdict is, well it works and wow.

Review of the Bestvibe Sucking Masturbation Cup

Three buttons on top of the device operate the various functions and light up so you can see them at night (once turned on).

A press and hold sets the vibration going and this has to be on for the suction to work and pressing these buttons again (short press) cycles through the various vibration and suctions patterns.

The heating takes a short while to get to temperature.

The product is ergonomically shaped and is actually very light and as you know I am disabled and so obviously include my opinion from that point of view.

For me sex isn’t always possible, my brain says it is but either I am not able due to pain or stiffness and that is stiffness in the wrong places and also if I do, well that causes a big flare up that lasts for days.

So sex toys can be and are very useful and the shape and lightness of this masturbation cup makes it very easy to use.

The ergonomic shape made it very easy to hold and the two areas of rubber or silicone on the sides made holding it easy and would be easy for people with weaker grip.

Let’s just say that it did the job and the effect of vibration and suction meant it didn’t take long to do so!

You can use this whilst keeping it still or you can use it any way you want or need to and being waterproof means you could use it in the shower and it also means it is easy to clean.

In the end of the throat of the device is a hole that provides the suction and at the entrance another hole that cycles the airflow and so fill it with water and turn the suction on to rinse this channel out.

It is USB rechargeable with a waterproof charging point in between the three function buttons.

Bestvibe price their products in dollars but you can select pounds but the price will fluctuate with the exchange rate, it currently costs £36.33 from Bestvibe

But you don’t have to worry about that with a 20% discount code from us that is valid for their whole range of sex toys at bestvibe.com

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Bestvibe sell a wide range of masturbation cups in different styles with different functions and so there is something there for everyone from the very simple and basic models right up to models that automatically thrust and rotate.

All products are delivered in discreet packaging!

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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