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Review of The Beardy Beard Co Black Russian Beard Balm

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Black Russian
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2 parts Coffee liqueur, 5 parts Vodka, pour the ingredients into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes, stir gently.

That is how you make a Black Russian and the The Beardy Beard Co Black Russian Beard Balm has been blended to resemble that drink.

The scent is a blend of Vanilla pure, Coffee Arabica, Sweet Orange, Clove & Bay essential oils and the result is a sweetness from the vanilla and Orange followed by a coffee scent that smells like coffee beans and not a stale coffee.

After that comes a very slight spicy like note that is from the Clove and the bay, now normally for me those two are a definite “no” but in this blend those two oils are subtle and offer that gentle spicy like scent and I like the addition of these oils in this blend.

The base for this scent is Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond Oil,  Jojoba oil, Hemp seed oil & Vitamin E oil and it has resulted in a creamy yellow balm that has a medium to firm consistency.

All in all it is a nice balm, it was easy to work in and left a softer feeling beard and gave a nice hold.

The brand was run by Peter Pedlow but has now been wrestled from him by his wife Gail and she has more products in the pipeline!

The Beardy Beard Co

The Beardy Beard Co Black Russian comes in a 60ml screw top tin and costs £15.95 from the website.
The Beardy Beard Co Skull Tee
You can also get a The Beardy Beard Co Skull Tee for £19.95 from the website.

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