This review marks three years since I started reviewing beard care and 470 products.

The bottle of Beard Oil from Boss Beard by RJS says


And so that is what I thought it was, well that was until I dispensed some into my hand and then on my beard!

It has that unmistakable feel of silicone, that super slippery feel that can only be silicone.

Boss Beard

So a rotation of the bottle of beard oil reveals the ingredients;

  • Hippophae Rhamnoides – is Sea Buckthorn seed reported to improve overall hair health.
  • Limnanthes Alba – White Meadowfoam – Hydrating and an amazing hair moisturiser.
  • Opoponax Oil – also known as Sweet Myrrh Essential Oil is similar to normal Myrrh but also has a scent like Frankincense.

Now they are okay, not bad ingredients at all, but then we also have;

  • Phenyl Dimethicone – a silicon-based polymer that gives that super slippery feel.
  • Isopropyl Myristate – Texture enhancer and emollient that may cause dermatitis and blackheads.
  • Cyclomethicone – clear, colorless silicone adds a silky texture, luster and sheen.
  • Mineral Oil – liquid petroleum, paraffin oil, and white mineral oil.

So unfortunately the statement on the front of the bottle isn’t quite correct, well it isn’t correct!

So looking past the false statement what is the oil like?

The scent from the Opoponax Oil is quite nice, it has that lovely scent that sits between the Myrrh and Frankincense but it also smells quite cologne like and has that strong alcohol scent which is a shame as it ruins a lovely scent.

Recently I have had a few beard care oils or serums that contain silicone, the idea is that it makes your beard feel softer, but in fact it doesn’t. When applying it your hands just slip across your beard with a feel of super teflon like non stick type of slide. So it actually gives a false softness.

Yes the oil does make my beard feel soft, in fact it makes it feel a mix of very soft whilst feeling dry with that strange silky sensation.

For me it is a big no! Those last four ingredients that I listed are not something that I am particularly keen on having in my beard. I always advocate beard care products that contain natural ingredients and it is not because I am a beard care snob.

These natural carrier oils have various individual benefits and these are softening the beard hair, preventing split ends and also looking after the skin and the follicles to encourage healthy and strong hair growth. I also advise as do many bearded guys to only use made for the beard soaps, shampoos and washes that don’t strip the hair of these oils.

I shudder at having these ingredients in my beard, take the Isopropyl Myristate (IPM) for instance, I found this whilst researching the ingredients;

PLEASE NOTE: it is recommended that those suffering from acne problems or sensitive skin should refrain from using IPM or products containing IPM as it can aggravate the problem. Also it should not be used on children below the age of 4 years.

Some of the natural carrier oils can help to prevent spots forming on the skin under the beard, this is good as I have encountered many guys who were forced to shave after an outbreak of spots or a bad spot and so I would say please steer clear of this ingredient, also I have young grandchildren, many of the guys have young children and so would you want this ingredient near them?

One big issue that is discussed is beard itch and we all then tell the guy who asked about it that they should use beard oil. Whilst using this oil the skin under my beard has buzzed with a mild itch but I take on the reviews and so I have to take the bad as well as the good and I have just finished reviewing some amazing products and so I won’t complain!

So I guess there is probably not any need to sum up, would I recommend this oil, well it won’t be a surprise that I say a firm “NO!

What concerns me the most is the claim of being ‘100% NATURAL ORGANIC THE BEST FOR YOUR BEARD‘ which might and possibly has resulted in sales and that is false advertising.

Review of the Beard Oil from Boss Beard by RJS

The 30ml beard oil from Boss Beard by RJS costs £10 and as of yet there is no website and so contact is made via their social media accounts.

You can keep up to date with Boss Beard on Facebook and Instagram.



By Zechariah Richardson

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