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Review of the Bear by Befaf Moustache Wax

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As part of the latest parcel of products from Befaf, there was some BEAR moustache wax that is labelled as a befaf own product Bear by Befaf.

Befaf are a 3rd party reseller of beard care, hair care, shaving gear and lifestyle products. This is the first Befaf own product I have had.

There is unfortunately a lack of information on the Bear moustache wax, all that it says on the website is;

Produced with real beeswax for a reworkable hold that will last all day long. Simply apply, twist and twizzle for your desired look.

Hold: Strong
Scent: Sandalwood
Size: 15ml
Moustache Type: All Moustache Types

The scent is Sandalwood and it is a very nice Sandalwood scent, it isn’t often that you get a very good Sandalwood scent and it works very well as a stand alone scent.

So that is all I know

It is a very strong pure white wax, this makes it difficult to apply as it is so hard but once you know the technique it isn’t a problem.

You need some on your thumbs and forfingers and very gently rub those across your tash, going too hard will result in lumps being stuck in your tash!

It is a good firm wax, however the lack of any labels on the rear of the tin is a problem. We have no idea on ingredients, allergens etc.

So I have given it a score of 80!


The 15g tin of Befaf Bear moustache wax costs £9.99 £4.99 from befaf.

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